The Bulls are in trouble.

by Russ Bengtson

Things just went from bad to worst.

Look, I can understand a slow start. The Bulls have a team loaded with undersized players at all five positions, jumpshooters who can’t shoot (at least for the moment) and a high-priced would-be team leader who seems to have zero interest in actually leading. Oh yeah, and the coach manages to offend a different player roughly once a month week.

But this? The Bulls not only lost to the Knicks, but they now have a worse record than the denizens of the World’s Most Shameless Arena. In New York, coach Isiah Thomas and point guard Stephon Marbury are booed relentlessly as they’re introduced (and Marbury is booed every time he touches the ball after that, at least during the opening quarter). How much longer will the United Center faithful be able to keep the faith? And when they lose it, who will be the first to go?