The cycle continues

By Sam Rubenstein

Well, the Finals preview should be ready sometime today, and it looks like I’m about to have one of those “behind the scenes” days trying to get other secretive stuff together, and oh by the way I am also training our summer intern. That’s right, the circle is complete. Three years ago it was I who spent many hours three days a week copying and pasting text from the magazine to word documents and re-sizing photos. Now we have someone new to undertake that task. For the sake of tradition, we’ll have him introduce himself much like Lang allowed me to introduce myself on The Links. For now, his identity remains a secret, cause that’s how you build up a buzz.

He isn’t alone though. There could be more like him on their way. Isn’t that mysterious? In today’s age of all access information to anyone who seeks it out, I like to keep secrets just to be difficult.

In even bigger internet news – if possible – have you checked out the latest feature from google maps? Street View! It only works in 4 or 5 cities so far, and I suppose it’s just the next step for what google earth has already been doing, but this is bananas. Hey look, it’s the 40/40 club! Where’s LeBron? You might have to click on the little yellow guy to see it. This could be a very bad time waster on a busy day.

So yeah… The NBA Finals! LEBRON! Other Cavs! Spurs!