The Denver Nuggets Want to Play ‘Smashmouth Basketball’

by October 02, 2013

The days of carelessly flying up and down the court in Denver have come to an end, says head coach Brian Shaw. The Nuggets are going to get tough and nasty this season, according to Shaw. Per the Denver Post: “No more wimpy basketball. The Nuggets have a new way to play. ‘Smashmouth basketball,’ new Denver coach Brian Shaw said. I asked Shaw to define his terms. What qualifies as smashmouth basketball? ‘Smashmouth means that you are literally going to get your mouth smashed if you’re going against us for a rebound or a loose ball,’ Shaw said. ‘We want to have a nasty disposition, both offensively and defensively.’ […] ‘The style of play … is going to be a little different than what it has been around here for the past few years,’ Shaw said. ‘We do still want to take advantage of getting up and down the floor and take advantage of the climate and the altitude. But, with that being said, the teams I’ve been associated both as a player and as a coach have had success establishing a presence inside, executing in half court and having a defensive identity, as well as being a good rebounding team.'”