The Hawks’ Official Scorer is Hilariously Inept

by March 02, 2009

It’s gotten so bad that rivals are now filing formal complains to the League office: “With 5:06 left in the third and the Hawks in the middle of their big run, Ilgauskas committed a foul that somehow was recorded as a foul on Delonte West. Because Ilgauskas wears No. 11 and West No. 13, it seemed like it could have been a simple error. However, when the Cavs’ bench pointed out it was incorrect, the official scorer did not budge. Two minutes later, West was called for what seemed to be his fourth official foul, so Brown removed him from the game, and his man, Johnson, made several baskets to give Atlanta the lead. West’s foul total was corrected to start the fourth quarter, but Brown was angry and after the game said the team planned to file a formal complaint. The Hawks’ official scorer was involved in a similar situation last season. The last 51 seconds of a game had to be replayed when the scorer incorrectly fouled out Shaquille O’Neal, and the Hawks were fined $50,000. ‘The only thing they can say is ‘sorry,’ but that can affect the course of the game, and I felt I had every right to be upset,’ Brown said. ‘We could be down here in the playoffs for a game, and something like this can’t happen.'”