The L.A. Media Really Hates Paul Pierce

It began with an unfortunate joke about the stabbing back in 2000, and continues with nicknaming the Cali native “RuPaul Pierce”. Stay classy, L.A. media folk. Your move, Boston. From the OC Register: “He is nicknamed ‘The Truth,’ ironic for a player whose on-court reactions so often are lies. The Lakers will face plenty against Boston in these upcoming NBA Finals. The will of Kevin Garnett. The guile of Ray Allen . The speed of Rajon Rondo. And the fraudulence of Paul Pierce. Oh, Pierce is a wonderful player, every aspect of his game genuinely legitimate. But one. And the Oscar goes to…The player who, during an Eastern Conference finals game in Orlando, was identified on a fan’s sign as ‘RuPaul Pierce.’ The biggest diva in the NBA, that’s Pierce. He sells fouls like 7-Eleven sells Slurpees – constantly. He is as dramatic as an Elvis sighting. He is a soap opera in shorts. The prediction here is it will take Pierce less than one quarter of Game 1 Thursday to be so wronged by a Laker defender that he’ll appear to have been hit by an ice cream truck.”