The Miami Heat Squashed Eva Longoria Taunts By Fans

by June 11, 2013

Not too surprisingly, Miami Heat fans tried to distract Tony Parker in Game 2 of the NBA Finals by using large posters of his ex-wife, Eva Longoria. Team security quickly put a stop to it, though Longoria appears to still be a San Antonio Spurs fan. Per the Miami Herald: “Somebody brought Heat fans the heads of Eva Longoria for Sunday’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Then, security collected those heads after a few minutes. The reason for Longoria’s head on a stick? A potential distraction for San Antonio star point guard and Longoria ex-husband Tony Parker when he got to the free-throw line. Memphis fans carried the oversized Longoria heads during their team’s Western Conference final loss to San Antonio. […] Heat spokesman Tim Donovan said: ‘Someone who paid to go attend the game [at AmericanAirlines Arena] brought them and were handing them out. He asked members of the Xtreme Team to hand them out, which they did. Until we saw what was going on, then we stopped it. We said, ‘No, we’re not doing this.'”