The NBA Fined Gilbert Arenas ‘for Being Awesome’

by June 09, 2011

The Fun Police over at League headquarters didn’t like something Gil tweeted out, so they slapped his wrist financially. Arenas then made jokes about it on Twitter. Of course he did. From the Orlando Sentinel: “The league did not specify how much the fine was for or which specific comments violated league rules. When informed of the fine, the Magic point guard took to – you guessed it – Twitter to express his frustration: ‘yes the nba has fined me….for being to i can give you the shoes for FREE but gotta charge you for the jokes… i cant believe i got do i explain this to the lady at the bank…this is gonna take another 40mins… or i could just write a check and if theres a lockout just cancel the check it and maybe they will forget…..i think that will work..’ Arenas, who’s never been one to take himself seriously, continued to make light of the situation in his next Twitter messages: ‘its okay it all evens it self out..i get fined from the nba…… stealing cable from my bam bam jackpot…hahaha.’ And another joke: ‘i was gonna go to Texas de brazil for dinner but not now…cant afford the 49 dollars per person…unless i bring sum plastic containers.’ Between Arenas’ mostly innocent Twitter updates about his fishing trips and his daily errands, he’s posted a handful of politically incorrect and profane tweets that open himself up to scrutiny.”