The NBA’s New ‘It’ Trainer

by April 01, 2009

Dude is 38, bald, and Jewish. He’s also one of the most sought-after personal trainers by players in the L: “Though he doesn’t know who started it, Mr. Ravin’s nickname in NBA circles is ‘The Hoops Whisperer.’ Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony flies Mr. Ravin to Denver several times a season to help him with his ballhandling. Star New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul turns to him in the summers to sharpen his footwork and Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas, who scored 15 points Saturday in his first game back from a knee injury, worked with Mr. Ravin throughout his rehabilitation. When Phoenix Suns guard Jason Richardson first met Mr. Ravin in Charlotte two years ago, he says, “I was, like, ‘This dude has no idea about basketball.’ He was a short guy, and when he asked if he could work me out I was like ‘Yeah, whatever.’ The 45-minute session later that evening turned out to be ‘the hardest workout I’ve ever had in my life,’ he says.”