The Pistons are Breaking Tayshaun Prince’s Heart

It’s so cold in the D. Especially for Tayshaun Prince. From the Free Press: “The Pistons had blown a 25-point second half lead to the lowly Toronto Raptors by being outscored, 48-20, in the final 14 minutes of the game. Prince, Richard Hamilton and Ben Wallace are holdovers from the championship season and fans figure the three should be able to will the team to victories because of their experience and two NBA Finals appearances. He said it’s not that simple. ‘It’s heartbreaking, but I just can’t explain it,’ Prince said. ‘I just don’t know how you walk off that court and lose that game. This is a 15-man roster. We need everybody to do it. You just can’t depend on one, two, three, four or five people. We need everybody. Obviously, when you see something like that it’s just a sign of not just what went on today but what has been going on throughout the season so far. I know you guys say, ‘Hey, Ben, Rip and Tayshaun need to step up and make this happen,’ but when a team takes momentum like they took it, it’s hard to get it back.’ The Pistons are a train wreck.”