The (Real) Reason Del Harris Left the Nets

There was all kind of coded language when Del abruptly left the team, and now, the truth behind the decision is beginning to come out: “The departure of Del Harris Tuesday night came only two days after his agent, Warren LeGarie, approached Nets president Rod Thorn about the possibility that his client become the team’s head coach. This exchange, according to two NBA officials privy to the conversation who requested anonymity because they are friendly with both sides, took place at Izod Center. LeGarie, one of the game’s heaviest hitters, told Thorn the Nets would be better off letting Harris take over and moving Kiki Vandeweghe back to the front office, if only to begin preparation for 2010-11. According to one of the officials, Thorn interrupted LeGarie with this door-slam: ‘Hold it right there,’ he said. ‘All due respect, he will not be the next head coach here. So if he has any delusions about that, you should let him know it’s not going to happen.’ LeGarie relayed the conversation to Harris, who immediately decided to leave New Jersey, a decision that was reported during Tuesday night’s game.”