The SLAM Shop is Open for Business

by May 27, 2009

by Ben Osbornehoodie

Over the years I’ve gotten countless requests from friends, family and readers for SLAM gear (not just for free stuff—even just a place they could buy it), and unfortunately, my ability to fulfill such requests has been erratic at best. Since we’ve never had a steady source of SLAM products, it usually depended on if some random company had done us a favor and made us some shirts or whatever. Often, like for the past couple months, our proverbial cupboards have been dry. A few companies (not naming names) have promised shirts recently, but they certainly haven’t made it to the office yet.

Well, with the help of our parent company, SLAM is getting its act together. You may have noticed we added a link for The SLAM Shop at the top of the screen in the Magazine tab and at the bottom of the screen next to the current cover a couple weeks ago. Then yesterday we “hard-coded” an ad for the Shop with a link to the homepage, and there should be banner ads running any day.

What is The SLAM Shop? Run through, it’s a place where you can get one of two designs (traditional SLAM logo or SLAM Respect the Game logo) on everything from tees to hoodies and mugs to BBQ aprons (perfect for Father’s Day!).

So, what are you waiting for? Head to The SLAM Shop right now and pick up all the SLAM items you, your friends or your family members could ever want.