The Steph Curry vs Monta Ellis Debate

by March 16, 2010

Pretty soon, the Golden State Warriors are going to have to make a decision on who to keep between the two guards. CSN takes a look at the inter-personal drama: “It’s been out there since Day 1 of training camp, and it hasn’t gone away: The whole Monta Ellis-Stephen Curry relationship thing. On the court or off, compatibility is the issue. We all know about the playing together part, and how that’s going to be a challenge. But what about whether they like each other or not? I’ve been asked plenty by Warriors fans whether or not Ellis likes Curry. Others have told me flat-out that Ellis doesn’t pass to Curry much — and sometimes even looks him off. Some point out Ellis and Curry don’t interact much on the court, except for perfunctory gestures. Anyway, nobody’s saying the two are in an icy feud, but it’s obvious they’re not tight, either. And you know what? I could understand if Ellis is struggling with the whole Curry thing. In Ellis’ place, I’d likely be, too. Think about what Ellis’ point of view might be. Not saying it’s right, just saying what it might be.”