The Timberwolves Have Too Many Wing Players

by February 10, 2011

So sayeth GM David Kahn, who then goes on to compare players to cars in a garage. You figure it out. From the Star Tribune: “Kahn said it’s ‘likely’ the Wolves will make a deal by the NBA’s Feb. 24 trading deadline, but said it’d be a ‘tactical’ and ‘surgical’ move. ‘I don’t expect it to be big,’ he said. He also said he isn’t looking to trade [Corey] Brewer, who will become a restricted free agent this summer after the team did not offer him a contract extension last fall. He also said he hasn’t determined that Brewer isn’t a part of the team’s future. He could still be re-signed next summer once a new labor agreement is reached. ‘Because Corey is in the last year of his deal and because many people like Corey’s ability and upside, we receive a lot of calls on him,’ Kahn said. ‘We also have a team that’s very deep at his position. It’s important we listen and weigh what’s the appropriate decision for the ballclub. Players are not like cars in a garage. You can’t keep accumulating cars, you can only have so many of them. There’s a balance act there and at the wing position; we’re probably too heavy there.'”