The Trouble With Trading Nate Robinson

Sure, the Knicks (read: Mike D’Antoni) would probably like to move him, but it’s no easy task: “He is on a one-year, $4 million contract, which the Knicks can simply let expire next July. Unlike Stephon Marbury, who was benched and then banished last year, Robinson is not a corrosive influence in the locker room. There is little risk to keeping him around as an insurance policy. The Knicks are open to trading Robinson, but as a player on a one-year deal, he would have veto rights. It might also be tough to find a trade partner; no team offered Robinson a contract over the summer, when he was a restricted free agent. D’Antoni cringed when fans chanted for Robinson on Sunday. He joked about it on Monday when asked if Robinson would play that night. ‘Depends,’ D’Antoni said, ‘if people want him to or not.'”