These New York Knicks Remind Walt Frazier of the 1973 Championship Team

Walt Frazier works for the Knicks as a broadcaster, so you might want to take his sentiments with a large grain of salt. Clyde claims that the current team has similarities to the last New York squad to win an NBA title. Per the NY Daily News: “It just might be wishful thinking, but these Knicks are starting to remind Walt Frazier of the last Knicks champs, Frazier’s 1972-73 team that will be honored Friday night at the Garden to mark the 40th anniversary of that great title run. ‘We had a lot of injuries throughout that season,’ the Knick legend said Wednesday, before the Knicks were too much for the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena. ‘We were a very talented team. I’ve always said we had more talent on that team than we did on our first championship team, which really personified team basketball. But we had guys in and out all season, and then we got hot, just like this team is doing now, and we really took off in the playoffs.’ It remains to be seen what kind of flying these Knicks do in the playoffs, but you’ve got to admit they’re soaring now with 10 straight wins. Including their 95-82 romp over the No. 5 team in the East, they’re doing considerably more than what the ’72-73 team did to end its regular season. Of course today, no one cares that Red Holzman’s champs had a 6-7 record down the stretch. They just remember that the Knicks won 12 of 17 playoff games, capped by their five-game domination of the defending champion Lakers.”