They’re Ready for the Title Parade in L.A.

by June 10, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

I need to make a confession: I’m not a very big fan of Laker fans. Love the team; its supporters…not so much. There’s too much entitlement within the group, which I suppose can partially be blamed on 14 team titles and more than twice as many Finals appearances.

Case in point, this bit of lunacy. Courtesy of Real GM:

In an e-mail to the downtown community Tuesday, LAPD Capt. Blake Chow said that a Lakers victory parade could happen as soon as Monday, should the team sweep the Orlando Magic in four games.

If the series takes longer to clinch the title, the parade could be held Wednesday, June 17th (if they win in five games); Friday the 19th (in six games) or Monday the 22nd (if it takes the full seven games).

Chow doesn’t have a contingency plan if Orlando wins the Finals.”

Well, isn’t that just wonderful?

Walking around L.A. yesterday, all people were talking about is where they would be when (not if) the Lakers win the ‘chip this year.

Just remember Laker fans: the Karma Gods don’t usually respond too well to these types of things.