Thought dolls were for girls? Think again!

By Konate Primus

I don’t know if you guys recall but years ago upper deck had the bobble head game on smash with Wayne Gretzky to Michael Jordan bopping away on the dash board of your whip. Now the new era has arrived, so naturally they have to come with new flavor. Last year Upper Deck dropped the Lebron family, but that was only a smidgen of their arsenal. Inspired by the urban vinyl trend from companies like Kid Robot and various designers like Michael Lau and Eric So, Upper Deck figured it would be cool to do similar figures with its sports licenses and exclusive athletes. With models of Brett Favre, Sidney Crosby and the ever so popular Lebron family pack already in homes, Upper Deck is launching a new line of NBA all-stars with the same crazy characteristics and extreme features- making them a blend of the realistic and the artistic.

The collection includes the likes of Kobe, D.Wade, Iverson, and of course another Lebron. Honestly I want all of them the minute they are available. Now I’m gonna reach out on a limb here and assume most of you aren’t really the doll collecting type. Well neither am I, but I think these are an exception to the rule. It brings out the inner cornball in me I guess. Or maybe it’s because I can afford to buy frivolous items with my money these days. Or it could be that I’m pretty sure I could sell it for triple it’s worth on eBay being that they sellout online within minutes. Making it almost impossible for those with out online bidding combat abilities to purchase these dolls.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to buy the new all-star collection. You can get them exclusively at upper decks site. I’ll keep you guys posted on my first attempt when I try to get Kobe to be released on April 24th at exactly 8:24 pm.