Thunder Playoff Tickets Up 8 Percent Since Game 4 Loss

In the first round of the NBA Playoffs, a record five series went seven games. The San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers, Brooklyn Nets, Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma City Thunder all won in game seven to advance, but this round only one series looks like it’ll go the distance. The Clippers and Thunder are currently tied at 2-2, after the Clippers came back from down 16 points in the fourth quarter in Game 4 to win 101-99.

Even with the fourth-quarter collapse, OKC Thunder tickets have actually seen an increase on the secondary market for Game 5, according to local Oklahoma City ticket reseller Totally Tickets. Prices went up 8 percent since Sunday’s game for an average price of $286.90. But overall, the Thunder actually have one of the cheaper tickets in the Playoffs despite having one of the highest prices in the regular season.

The Thunder have only seen a premium of 42 percent from their regular-season average price to the second round, by far the lowest premium of the remaining teams. The Portland Trail Blazers are the only other team to have a premium under 100 percent, and at 90 percent with a 3-1 series deficit to San Antonio.

Of the eight remaining teams in the NBA Playoffs, only the Miami Heat had a higher average price on the secondary market during the regular season. The Heat and Thunder are the only two teams in the Playoffs to have a regular-season average above $200.

For a Thunder team that had such expensive regular-season tickets on the secondary market, it’s remarkable that the prices are so low for a second round series tied at 2-2. Miami, on the other hand, has the highest secondary market average in the second round. The Trail Blazers and the Washington Wizards both have a lower average than Oklahoma City, but both teams had higher prices in the previous round, and have only seen price drops because they are staring at 3-1 series holes.

The close series isn’t unexpected for the Thunder and Clippers. The two teams split four games in the regular season and finished just two games apart in the standings. In fact, in the eight games the teams have now played against each other, each team has won two games at home and two on the road. So don’t expect home court advantage to mean too much in Game 5 at the Chesapeake Energy Arena.