Timberwolves: Historically Bad Last Night

To make matters worse, their record-setting performance came against the Warriors, of all teams: “That 146-105 loss tied franchise records for most points allowed — the Warriors had 74 by halftime, 111 by the end of three quarters — and largest margin of defeat. The only other time the Wolves surrendered 146 points was  April 1, 1994 (no April’s Fools joke) right there at Golden State as well. New Wolves assistant coach Darrick Martin was  a rookie on that team that included J.R. Rider, Christian Laettner, Doug West, Sean Rooks, Winston Garland and too many other famous players to mention. The only other time a Wolves team lost by 41 points was a March 1996 game at Miami, which was a 113-72 winner that night late in Kevin Garnett’s rookie season.”