Timberwolves Owner: ‘Not Our Plan’ to Trade Kevin Love

by May 20, 2014

Teams are chomping at the bit to get their hands on Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star power forward Kevin Love. But the team is doing everything it can to keep the walking double-double from leaving.

Love has made it known that he wants to leave Minnesota, and the team reportedly is considering trading him for the right offer. Team owner Glen Taylor refuted that report yesterday, saying the team isn’t talking to anyone about a potential deal for Love.

ViaΒ Pioneer Press:

Love’s representatives, according to Sunday’s New York Daily News, reiterated to the Wolves this past week that the 6-foot-10 forward will not re-sign with Minnesota and definitely will leave in 2015.


Asked Monday if he would say he’s not going to trade Love, Taylor said, “I should never say never because who knows what might come up? But that’s not our plan.


“I’m not in a position where you would say absolutely I wouldn’t do it, because what if something that I can’t even speculate (on) happens? You’d say, ‘You’re nuts, Glen.’ Maybe some team puts a value on him that’s different than we suspect.”


In January, the Wolves can begin reworking Love’s contract. Under NBA rules, they can offer a five-year deal for about $26 million more than other teams, which can offer only four-year deals. So if Love walks, he’ll be leaving that money on the table.


The worst-case scenario for the Wolves would be watching Love walk away as a free agent while receiving nothing in return. So if they’re convinced Love has no interest in staying, trading him before or on the day of the June 26 NBA draft makes sense. This year’s crop of prospects is considered deep, and they’d likely also demand a veteran ready to start.


Love is a three-time all-star and averaged a career-high 26.1 points plus 12.5 rebounds last season.


“At this point, we’re not talking to any teams,” Taylor said. “I haven’t heard from Kevin or his agents or anything like that. We’re assuming that Kevin will be here next season, and we’re working with that scenario. This isn’t the time for us to do anything but to prepare for next year.”