T.J. Ford Refuses Buyout from Pacers

by August 12, 2010

Ford isn’t going to leave any money on the table, thereby potentially creating an ugly situation in Indiana. The Indy Star reports: “The Pacers – like they’ve been doing for quite some time – tried to trade Ford on Wednesday. They couldn’t throw him in a deal so they then tried to negotiate a buyout with him. The Pacers wanted Ford to take a buyout for about $5 million. The point guard quickly shot that idea down. ‘I’m not taking a buyout,’ Ford said. You can’t blame Ford for not taking a buyout, especially since he’s scheduled to make $8.5 million next season. He didn’t pick up his player option to leave $3.5 million on the table. ‘T.J. is on the team and we expect him to come in here and be professional and try to get a job and get some playing time,’ Bird said.”