TJ Ford Would Prefer to Be in Miami

Get in line, TJ. The Pacers don’t want him around, and the feeling’s mutual from Ford’s end. The Indy Star catches up with the frustrated point guard: “There were almost six hours before the 11:59 p.m. Tuesday deadline for teams to buy out contracts so players can sign with other teams and be eligible for the playoffs, but point guard T.J. Ford was ’99 percent sure’ he would still be an Indiana Pacer when the deadline arrived. Ford’s best opportunity to join another team ended when point guard Mike Bibby took a buyout from the Washington Wizards to sign with the Miami Heat. That apparently leaves Ford a Pacer for the rest of the season. ‘It’s definitely frustrating, because you thought you had some opportunities, but nothing happened,’ Ford said. ‘I just have to keep moving forward and see what the next step is. Miami was my best chance.’ Ford and the Pacers were open to a buyout, but the point guard would agree only if he knew a team would sign him. ‘I just want to play,’ Ford said. ‘I wanted to play last year, but the trade fell through (at the deadline), so I wasn’t able to move on. Same scenario here.'”