Tony Parker Regaining His Focus

by December 06, 2010

Parker admits that his head has been elsewhere of late (understandably), but the Spurs are benefiting greatly from his renewed focus. The Express-News reports:  “I’ve had a stretch of games not being myself,’ he said. ‘Obviously, for some reasons, I was not playing good basketball. The last two games, this one and the last one (Friday against Minnesota), I just wanted to be aggressive and make stuff happen for myself and for my teammates and get back to how I was playing at the beginning of the season.’ Parker has endured the public scrutiny associated with the breakup of his marriage to actress Eva Longoria. Both have filed divorce petitions, with the accompanying tabloid publicity. The effect on Parker’s game was most pronounced in Los Angeles, where he scored only two points in a loss to the Clippers after reportedly meeting with Longoria at the team hotel before the game. After scoring 19 points and handing out six assists in just 26 minutes and 46 seconds of the Spurs’ 109-84 victory over the New Orleans Hornets at the AT&T Center on Sunday, Parker said he believes he has returned to the productive level of play that characterized the first weeks of the season.”