Too Big For Slovenia: Vujacic, Dragic Beefin’

It’s been bubbling all week, but last night the bad blood between Sash Vujacic and Goran Dragic boiled over onto the court and into the press conferences. So what’s eating at  these two countrymen? Fanhouse has the full report, here are some of the better tidbits: “‘I heard somebody talking in my language and talking something about mothers and family,” Vujacic said of Dragic after his team had wrapped up the series 4-2 to earn a berth against Boston in the NBA Finals. ‘That’s only to be expected from a low human being to do something like that. So I just went like that (putting his arms up). I didn’t do nothing like that on purpose. Low human beings can only involve the family and say something stupid like that. But I didn’t intentionally want to do anything. If I want to intentionally hurt somebody, I would have done something very differently. (What Dragic said) involved me and my family. When that comes in play, it’s very, very stupid. You can’t expect that from a pro basketball player … I just went up with my hands. And he was great acting.’ Dragic saw it much differently. Despite replays showing Dragic appearing to jaw at Vujacic, he claimed he didn’t say anything. … ‘I don’t know why he’s lying,’ Dragic said of the Vujacic’s claims of insulting his family. ‘But you can ask everybody in my club that I’m not such a person. I don’t have a comment on that, really. If he wants to have words with me, he can have it. But I’m not going to battle. I didn’t say nothing to him … He can stay whatever he wants about me, but I’m just going to be quiet.’ … Neither Slovenian offered specifics as to how this apparent feud might have started. The two haven’t played against each other much and never have been teammates except for a brief stretch last summer when they were both on the national team and Vujacic soon left the team due to an injury. ‘I never heard of him (until) two years ago,’ said Vujacic, 26, who is in his sixth season while Dragic, 24, is in his second. ‘I don’t know him from the past. I don’t know him from back home. We don’t know each other … Some people have issues when you’re a champion (Vujacic being on last season’s victorious Lakers), and you’re trying to be on the top. And they’re going to come at you with everything you can … Our country is a little bit small and there’s a great part of jealously between people.'”