Toronto Raptors Fielding Many Trade Calls for Jose Calderon

by February 24, 2012

Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey confirmed that his point guard Jose Calderson has been the subject of many trade conversations recently. From the Globe and Mail: “On the list of missions accomplished in the first half of the Toronto Raptors’ schedule, getting Jose Calderon to play up his trade value must surely be at the top. Yet when general manager Bryan Colangelo and head coach Dwane Casey and his staff do their blue-skying for next season, and figure out the point-guard ‘what-ares’ in the upcoming draft, the trade ‘might-be’s’ and free-agent possibilities, they may well reach an obvious conclusion: the Raptors might be best-served keeping Calderon. ‘We’re trying to hold on to him and keep him, but he has played his way into a very high status as a point guard,’ Casey said. ‘A lot of teams have been calling and wanting him.'”