Tracy McGrady Believes He’s a Hall of Famer

by March 14, 2012

The artist formely known as T-Mac thinks that he should be elected into the Hall of Fame once he hangs up his sneakers. Per Fox Sports: “A few years ago, McGrady looked bound to be a lock for the Hall of Fame. He had two scoring titles on his resume and seven straight All-Star appearances, all during seasons in which he averaged 24 or more points. But McGrady, 32, has been slipping dramatically the past several years, primarily because of injuries, and it might seriously damage his Hall hopes. During the past three seasons, he has averaged 7.5 points as a role player, including a mere 5.7 this year for Atlanta. For the first time in nine years, McGrady’s career scoring average dropped below 20. He’s now at 19.9. ‘I didn’t know that,’the swingman said of the baseball equivalent of a career batting average falling under .300. ‘I look back on it and still consider myself a 20-point-average person.’ Despite his legacy being tarnished as he plays out the string, McGrady also considers himself a Hall of Famer when all is said and done. ‘If we’re going by the numbers, I think they’re Hall of Fame numbers,’ said the 15-year veteran. ‘You total (two scoring titles) up along with my points, my playoff average (28.5 in 38 career games), so, yeah, I think I have the credentials.'”