Trail Blazers Held Players-Only Meeting After Loss To Spurs

by March 13, 2014


The Blazers dropped their fourth straight game with a 103-90 loss in San Antonio yesterday. Their high-powered offense has screeched to a halt during the past week—their 45.3 effective field-goal percentage over the past four games would be the NBA’s worst over the full season, and their offensive rating of 102.1 would be fifth worst in the L this season. After the game, Dame Lillard decided it was time to have a players-only meeting to help the team regain its composure. From CSNNW:

After the Portland Trail Blazers fell to the San Antonio Spurs 103-90 on Wednesday night — losing their fourth straight game, which happens to be their longest losing streak of the season — the players had a post-game hash-out session that was initiated by Damian Lillard, was told.

Earl Watson, Mo Williams and Dorell Wright were amongst some of the players to vocally address what was going on and what needed to change from here on out, we’re told.

“I just felt like it was something that needed to be said,” Lillard responded when ask why he initiated the dialogue. “At some point, it’s up to the players.”

The players maintain that there’s no desperation in the locker room. The session was solely meant as a means to eliminating issues from reoccurring.

“It’s time for a players-meeting when we see a little slippage,” Wright said. “Every team has two or three a year. I love the fact that this was the only one this season where guys really had to step up and be vocal leaders.

“And the best thing about it, we got vets in here that have been through things and young guys that have been through things as well and understand when it’s time to speak up. That’s what guys did tonight.”