Trevor Ariza: Kawhi Leonard Has ‘Kobe Moves’

by May 03, 2017

Kobe Bryant’s former teammate Trevor Ariza says that Kawhi Leonard’s game reminds him of the The Black Mamba.

Ariza gushes that Leonard’s offensive arsenal is one of the deadliest in the NBA.

Kawhi’s remarkable play this season has pushed him into the “best player in the League” convo.

Per Bleacher Report:

“He can pretty much do everything,” says Ariza, who guarded Leonard about 65 percent of the time during their regular-season matchups. “He’s not just one-dimensional. He scores in a variety of ways—post-ups, pull-up jumpers, threes. He can create, other players can create for him, he can play off the ball.


“You really have to pay attention to him the whole game.”


With his two-way aggression, mid-range skills and nimble footwork, Leonard is drawing comparisons to Bryant, Ariza’s former Lakers teammate.


“Me and Lou [Williams] had this conversation the other day,” Ariza says. “I told him I felt like he has some of like Kobe moves and stuff in him.”

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