Tristan Thompson Has Decided To Change Shooting Hands

by August 10, 2013

Tristan Thompson has been a left-handed shooter his entire career but has decided to change his shooting hand to his right for free throws and jump shots. Thompson told Sportsnet that he believes it’s the first time in NBA history that a player has switched his shooting hand mid-career, and who are we to argue: “When it comes to representing his country, Tristan Thompson is determined to do things the right way. Literally. The burgeoning Canadian NBA star, a left-handed shooter for his entire basketball career, has decided to use his right hand to shoot jump shots and free throws. The unusual – perhaps historic – switch has been months in the planning but had its competitive debut Thursday night in Canada’s 81-71 win over Jamaica in the first of two exhibition games between the two countries in advance of the 2013 FIBA Americas tournament. Midway through the third quarter of his first game with the Canadian national basketball team Thompson got the ball on the right side of the floor, faked left, drove right and took off for a dunk. He was met at the rim by Jamaica’s Samardo Samuels who got whistled for the foul. In itself it was a strong sequence as Thompson demonstrated he is a threat to go strong with his so-called weak hand. And then something remarkable happened: Thompson went to line, set up for his free throw and shot them right-handed as well – and a new phase in his basketball life began. ‘I think it’s the first time ever in NBA history,’ Thompson said of the change, and he may be right.”