Troy Hudson Launches To Increase Exposure For Athletes

Earning a roster spot in the NBA is borderline impossible. For every one success story, there’s 750 failures lying in the shadows. Overcoming several hurdles, former pro and 11 year NBA veteran Troy Hudson was one of the lucky ones. After going undrafted in 1997, Hudson made a pit stop in the Continental Basketball Association before making it to the NBA. Inspired by his own journey, today Hudson launched, a basketball community and platform for athletes to showcase their skills with the hopes of furthering their basketball careers.  The community will feature workout tips and interviews from high profile athletes and playground legends with successful professional careers, and will also feature a forum which discusses all things related to basketball.

In addition to being a marketing tool, Undrafted Pros serves as a community for athletes of all levels to display their highlights and discuss sports related issues amongst other enthusiasts.  Rec Leagues, Adult/Work Leagues, Summer Leagues and sports organizations of all levels are welcome to share their highlights on Undrafted Pros and discuss basketball related topics via the forum. It is for both serious and casual athletes.

“Undrafted Pros is an opportunity to generate exposure for athletes like myself who were not visible to the public but had the necessary skills to make it at the next level,” Hudson says proudly. “My goal was to create a fun basketball site where both players and fans can interact with one another and share their accomplishments.” Check out the site here.