Two MSU Players Accused of Sexual Assault

by September 30, 2010

The accusations, reported by the Michigan Messenger, are horrific to say the least. What’s more disturbing, if possible, is that, despite one of the players confirming the girl’s story and support from the police investigators, the Prosecutor’s Office declined to pursue charges against the players: “The heavily redacted police report released by Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III alleges the two team members took turns assaulting an unidentified woman for nearly an hour in their Wonders Hall dormitory room late on Aug. 29 and into Aug. 30. The police report indicates that one of the two players corroborated the victim’s story in his statement to police. Although the MSU Police Department forwarded the report to the prosecutor’s office with a recommendation that the men be charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct 1 — the most serious level of sexual assault under state law — Dunnings has declined to prosecute the case.”