Two Teams Reportedly Reach Out To Nate McMillan

by June 11, 2014

Two mystery teams have reportedly contacted Nate McMillan about their head coaching vacancies. There are only two teams left without a coach, though, so we can safely presume that the Cavs and Lakers have at least some interest in the Pacers assistant who has run the show in Seattle and Portland. From CSN North West:

Contact was made merely on an exploratory basis to gauge his level of interest, said a source who requested anonymity. 


As of now, McMillan, 49, has not been brought in for an interview nor is there one scheduled, sources said. Though, that can change any day.


As a head coach, McMillan has a successful overall record of 478-452. He has made it clear in the past that he would very much like to be a head coach in this league again, but reiterates that it must be the right fit and culture.