Ty Lawson Calls Denver Nuggets ‘the Best Team in the West’

by October 01, 2012

Ty Lawson is here to pooh-pooh your silly little theories about the Los Angeles Lakers or OKC Thunder being the best Western Conference team. According to Lawson, the honor goes to the Denver Nuggets. From the Denver Post: “Ty Lawson speaks in swag. It could be literal: Hey, Ty, whudya think about the Nuggets’ new jerseys? ‘They’re swagged out.’ Or figurative: Hey, Ty, knowing there is the Thunder and Lakers, how do the Nuggets stack up in the Western Conference? ‘I think we’re the best team in the West.’ Wait, really? ‘We’re so deep, so talented, so versatile,’ the point guard said at Monday’s media day. ‘You can’t just game-plan for one person on this team. I think we’ll be No. 1 in the West.'”