Ty Lawson Enters 30-Day Alcohol Rehab Program

by July 18, 2015

After his second DUI arrest this year, Ty Lawson is getting treatment at a rehab center for the next 30 days.

Lawson has been the subject of continuing trade rumors this summer, and apparently some teams—such as the Lakers, Rockets and Pistons—are still interested in acquiring him.

Lawson was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles earlier this week.

More from ESPN:

DENVER — Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson won’t face DUI charges in California and Colorado until completing a 30-day residential treatment program, a Denver judge ruled Friday.


The troubled point guard attended a pretrial hearing Friday in Denver, in which his lawyer said Lawson enters treatment Saturday at Cliffside Malibu, a celebrity rehabilitation center in California that treats patients with addiction and psychiatric issues.


After his January arrest, Lawson was ordered not to drink alcohol or violate laws as part of his bond. The Denver judge on Friday ordered Lawson to use a stationary blood-alcohol monitoring device after his release from treatment.


Prosecutors had asked for Lawson to be required to use a device, such as an ankle bracelet or a home breath tester, that monitors the body for alcohol.

Lawson’s next court appearance in Denver was set for Aug. 20.