Ty Lawson: Extension ‘Definitely Going To Get Done’ Soon

by July 14, 2012

Ty Lawson is confident that the Nuggets will soon offer him a lucrative extension, as he told the Denver Post: “While the Nuggets continue the final stages of contract negotiations with center JaVale McGee, guard Ty Lawson sees a light at the end of his contract extension talks. Speaking at his annual basketball camp at Rock Creek High School, Lawson said Friday he thinks something will be done ‘in the next month or two.’ ‘It’s definitely going to get done,’ Lawson said. ‘I know I want to be here. I know they want me here. I think something is going to be done soon.’ At the end of the process, Lawson is expected to become the highest-paid player on the team. The contract, which at maximum could take shape at five years and on either side of $65 million based on minimum criteria in the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement, will solidify him as the face of the franchise. Asked why he was so optimistic things would be done soon, Lawson said, ‘Just our talks. We’ve been in meetings actually discussing it. I definitely know it’s going to be done soon.'”