Tyler Hansbrough’s ‘Miserable’ Rookie Year

by March 19, 2010

Things have not gone according to plan for Tyler this season, as he explains to the Indy Star: “Indiana Pacers rookie forward Tyler Hansbrough is miserable. He never thought his first NBA season would be spent in street clothes, shuffling in and out of doctors’ offices trying to figure out what’s wrong. But that’s what Hansbrough has dealt with this season. His latest problem — an inner ear infection and/or possible concussion — has kept him sidelined for most of the past two-plus months. The Pacers aren’t expecting him to return this season. ‘It really is miserable for me to be dealing with this injury,’ Hansbrough said recently. ‘I’ve never had an injury like this where it’s kept me out a long time. It’s something I’m trying to get over and get healthy.’ Hansbrough’s current diagnosis remains a mystery. The team has been calling it an inner ear infection since late December. Pacers coach Jim O’Brien said two weeks ago that it possibly could be a concussion, caused when Hansbrough took a hit in a game in Boston in late December.”