Tyronn Lue: ‘Crazy’ For Cavaliers To Blame Kevin Love

by January 23, 2018
tyronn lue crazy cavaliers kevin love

Tyronn Lue said it would be “crazy” to blame Kevin Love after the Cavaliers gave up 148 points to the Thunder on Saturday.

Lue joked that OKC “might have given us 170 (points)” if Love ended up playing while ill (starting at 2:20):

When the team gives up 148 points, is it difficult to blame somebody being sick?


Lue: “Yeah, I mean, that’s crazy. If Kevin was out there, they might have given us 170. Who knows, man [laughs].


“We’ve just got to be better. Guys got to just stay together. We’re being tested right now.


“This is when your true character comes out—the character of who you are as a person, as a player. And we’ve got to step up and play basketball.”

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