Tyronn Lue Hates Drama Surrounding the Cavs

by January 27, 2017

Tyronn Lue’s squad has dropped six of eight games, and LeBron James is apparently beefing with ownership over dollars and cents.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ head coach admits that he’s annoyed by all of the “distractions.”

The defending NBA champs simply need to focus on hoops, according to Lue.

Per the NEOMG:

Tyronn Lue said the controversy surrounding the Cavs was a distraction and “I hate it.”


“I gotta come and deal with you guys every time it happens,” Lue said after practice Thursday. […] “Just a lot of distractions,” Lue said. “We gotta focus on basketball, getting back to winning. We’re the third-best team in the NBA right now. We’re a great team, we’re the champs, so we just got to get back to playing championship basketball. That’s it.”


As Lue decried the distraction caused by the tiff between James and management, he bemoaned the use of unnamed “sources” in media reports. It wasn’t exactly clear as to which report he was referring, as all the comments from James and general manager David Griffin were on the record.

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