Tyronn Lue: LeBron James ‘Seems Younger’

by September 27, 2017

Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue continues to marvel at LeBron James‘ stubborn refusal to act his age on the basketball court.

James, 32, says he’s coming off “one of the best offseasons” of his remarkable career, and Lue thinks his superstar forward somehow “seems younger.”

The four-time MVP is “extremely excited” about hooping in his 15th NBA season.


“He seems younger,” Lue said following Cleveland’s first practice of the season Tuesday. “I call him ‘Benjamin Button.’ He seems younger, he just seems happier with the game right now, just having fun. Enjoying the game. Hopefully it carries on for 82 games and into the playoffs.”


James, who turns 33 in December, is trying to secure an eighth straight Finals appearance come June, which would be his fourth straight with Cleveland.


“I’m ready to go,” James said at the Cavs’ media day on Monday. “This is one of the best offseasons I’ve had in my career. And I’m extremely excited. What got me excited about the game of basketball is actually being with my sons this summer and watching their AAU games and you probably saw a couple videos where I was not a nice dad during the course of those games. But the ‘Basketball Jones’ and the basketball fever was put back in me early in July, and it’s crazy to say that my 12-year-old and my 10-year-old can inspire me and they did, and their teammates inspired me to get in the gym. I always get better throughout the offseason. I always work on my game or work on my body throughout the offseason.”


James did not give a specific reason for his rebirth — theories abound wondering if he’s seeking to make a statement against [Kyrie] Irving or simply trying to make the most of the last of his prime — but he acknowledged there is something motivating him.


“Something was different,” James said. “Something was just different throughout the offseason and hopefully I can, I’m not here to talk about it, because that’s not what I do. I’ll put it out on the floor.”

Tyronn Lue Compares LeBron James to Benjamin Button