Tyson Chandler Doesn’t Believe That Carmelo Anthony Wants to Score Less

by October 26, 2012

Carmelo Anthony has vowed to become less focused on putting shots up, and more on creating a more well-rounded game. His teammate Tyson Chandler, though, isn’t entirely convinced (nor does he want ‘Melo shooting less.) Per the WSJ: “Anthony, who has built a nine-year track record as a premier scorer, said he’d obviously continue to score, but would do so somewhat reluctantly. ‘I’m tired of scoring 30 or 40 points a game,’ he said, adding that the Knicks were deep enough as a team that they wouldn’t require him to score as much as before. To which his teammates and the numbers say: fat chance. Center Tyson Chandler flatly dismissed the notion of Anthony’s finding a way to shoot the ball less. ‘That’s not going to happen,’ Chandler said. ‘He has an instinct that only a few players have in this league. His ability to score isn’t a switch you can just turn off. So I expect him to be the same player.’ […] Whether Anthony knows it or not, his teammates still look to him to carry the offensive load, recognizing that his scoring ability probably gives them the best chance to win each night—even if it leaves an even larger question mark about what will become of the offense once [Amar’e] Stoudemire returns. ‘I get what he’s saying about scoring less. And I think that’s him trying to be a good teammate and leader,’ Chandler said. ‘But we don’t need him to do that. We want him to shine and to do what he’s been doing his entire career. He just has to channel it the right way.'”