Tyson Chandler Felt Scapegoated By the Knicks

by November 26, 2014

Some five months after being traded from New York along with point guard Raymond Felton, Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler still doesn’t get
why the Knicks sullied his good name in the media.

The big fella will face off against his old squad for the first time Wednesday night, but says the media is making it a bigger deal than it should be.

Per the Star-Telegram:

“I don’t know why they did that,” Chandler said after Tuesday’s practice at American Airlines Center. “Only they can answer that question. I’ve since then moved on and don’t pay it any much attention, to be honest.”


“I know a lot of the media, the next couple of days, will be [the Knicks] returning and me going against my former team,’’ Chandler said. “But in all honesty I’ve kind of swept it behind. It’s in the past and under the rug and I’m moving on with my future here.”


“It worked at times, but if things are going negative sometimes it just seems like they continue to go [negative],” Chandler said. “I had great relationships with all my teammates. I never had any problems, so it wasn’t that. […] It’s just that we were losing. People are always going to try to find something when you’re losing, but I don’t think it was necessarily that.”