Tyson Chandler Tried to Convince Jason Kidd to Keep Playing For the Knicks

by June 17, 2013

Jason Kidd didn’t have too great of a 2013 post-season, but there was little doubt he still had something to offer as an NBA player, and big man Tyson Chandler apparently attempted to keep the point guard around for another run (or two) with the Knicks. Didn’t work, obviously. Per the NY Post: “Tyson Chandler tried all season to convince Jason Kidd he shouldn’t retire but couldn’t sway the former Knicks point guard, The Post has learned. Kidd retired 12 days ago and has crossed enemy lines to become the Brooklyn Nets head coach. Speaking by phone from his offseason home in southern California, Chandler told The Post, ‘Actually I’m not surprised at all. Jason and I had a lot of conversations during the season about retirement and coaching. I tried to [convince him]. I did. I thought he had a couple of more years in him. I gave my input. I tried to tell him he could still do it, and you have a lot left in you.’’ Chandler and Kidd won a title together in Dallas in 2011 and the Knicks center hoped for a repeat in the Big Apple. ‘We’ll always be brothers,’ Chandler said. ‘We won a championship together. I just was hoping it would end better here. I am sad, I am. Part of the reason Jason came to New York was maybe we could win another one.'”