UPDATE: Michael Jordan’s Older Son Disses Kobe

Marcus Jordan went in first. This time MJ’s older son, Jeffrey, who dishes it on Twitter.

Lmao @kobe hahahahaha anyone really that shocked that he jumped on the table and held up 5? #original

@JazzRobinson3 who are you talking to??? And who r u? Lol everybody can say what the hell they want I aint say he wasn’t good but #stopbitin

@MisSeductive lol I’m sure he is kobe is better than everyone I can think of…except one person hahaha

Enough talking to the kobe lovers… Lol all everyone can say is that he can be #compared, lol and anybody can be compared

# On my way to this workout… Probly not gonna watch tapes of anyone cuz unlike some others #noneed to be like mike lol

@youngwayne00 man everybody coming at me really tryna throw it in my face kobe won a ring… #whocares lol