Van Gundy Asks DiLeo to Stop Lobbying for Calls

by April 29, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Clearly, Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy did not get the memo this postseason: Following each and every loss, NBA coaches are mandated to lobby for calls through the media.

Everyone’s doing it, except for SVG it seems, and this upsets him greatly. Last night, he asked his opponent, Tony DiLeo, to cut it out.

The AP has the quotes, and the Orlando Sentinel has video of SVG’s contentious presser:

“Dwight Howard had a great game, and he’s a great player, but he just lives in the 3-second lane on offense and defense,” DiLeo said. “I’m just saying he’s standing in the 3-second lane on offense and defense. He’s a great player, and he doesn’t need any advantages.”

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy heard DiLeo’s remarks, took the podium and defended his star center by taking a shot at DiLeo.

“Am I supposed to come up here and talk about the game. Or am I supposed to come up here and lobby for the calls I want the next game?” Van Gundy said. “Is that what it’s about now? We’re supposed to lobby for the calls we want the next game? Let’s just play the games…I guess that’s the only reason Dwight’s having success in this series. It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s good.”

Ah, the sweet joys of tossing verbal grenades at your Playoff foes. Gotta love it.