Victor Oladipo: NBA Players Will Protest National Anthem

NBA players have shown their support for Colin Kaepernick and his protest of the “Star-Stangled Banner”, and according to Victor Oladipo, we can look forward to guys sitting out the anthem next season (though he won’t.)

Oladipo thinks there’s no question that similar acts of protest will take place in the League.

Oladipo also spoke about working out with new OKC Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook.

Per Complex:

“Oh, no question. I truly believe it will. Because at the end of the day it’s a sport, and people are gonna be looking at some guys in the NBA to see what they’re gonna do as well. At the end of the day you just control what you can control, so your opinion is your opinion, that’s the beauty of the United States, so, do whatever you feel is best that will help you do whatever you believe…


“People’s beliefs are people’s beliefs, you know what I mean, you can only control so much, you can only control what you can control, and the most things you can control is yourself. So whatever you believe, believe in to the utmost. But I think definitely, we’ll see a few guys in the NBA doing the same thing.”

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