Video: Serbia-Greece Game Ends In Brawl

Sometimes friendly matches aren’t so friendly. We turn to ” The friendly Acropolis basketball tournament finished in a brawl as the last game between Serbia and Greece was abandoned with 2:40 to go when a fight broke out and the benches cleared on Thursday. Serb center Nenad Krstic was in the thick of the action; the benches cleared when he grabbed Greek forward Antonis Fotsis by the throat. He then threw a chair at Greek center Sofoklis Schortsanitis, who was pursuing him. The chair hit Greek center Yannis Bouroussis in the head. Bouroussis, who did not take part in the game because of a hand injury was last seen in the locker rooms looking to take on Krstic. Blood trickled from his wound. Fotsis had moved threateningly against Serb guard Milos Teodosic who had fouled him hard. A stunned crowd of about 5,000 at the Athens Olympic Arena watched players from both teams exchange punches and kicks. Two or three spectators entered the fray and were quickly shoved out of the arena.”