Vince Carter: ‘I Still Want to Play a Couple More Years’

by July 21, 2011

The artist once known as Half Man-Half Amazing, now 34 years old and a shell of his former self, insists that he has a couple of seasons left in him (despite the uncertainty of his own contractual situation.) From The Dayton Beach News-Journal: “[Vince] Carter can only think of a handful of guys who, like him, have now been part of two NBA lockouts — this one and the 1998-99 lockout that shortened his rookie season. By pro basketball standards, it’s sorta like meeting a guy who fought in both world wars. ‘This time is different,’ Carter said Wednesday during a midday break at his Vince Carter Basketball Academy at Mainland High. It sure is. Last time, he knew where he was going and what would be asked of him once the games began. This time, well, who knows? ‘It’s just a waiting game,’ he said, stating the obvious. ‘It’s a tough position to be in.’ ‘Tough,’ of course, is relative. It’s tough for anyone to be in the dark as far as their work future, but it must help to know the bills will be paid. Assuming the Suns pass on picking up the final year of Carter’s deal, at a whopping $18.9 million, Carter will reportedly still walk away with a $4 million buyout, and also be free to shop for a new employer. And he will shop, he insists. ‘You may not know where, but you have to be ready to play. I still want to play a couple more years,’ said Carter, who shows no interest of playing overseas during the lockout, as others have talked about. ‘I’d rather just wait and see what happens.'”