Vinny Del Negro Enjoying ‘Pressure’ of Coaching the Clippers

by December 22, 2011

Head coach Vinny Del Negro got the unexpected gift of a dramatically revamped Clippers squad, and tells the LA Times that he’s enjoying the increased pressure that comes with coaching such a high-profile team all of a sudden: “Vinny Del Negro eased his way into the Clippers players’ lounge and plopped down in a black chair. His eyes were bright and his spirits were high as he pulled the recliner back and smiled. Life is good being the Clippers coach these days. Sure, the pressure is on Del Negro to succeed with all the talent the Clippers have assembled, but, he said, it’s the kind of challenge he has embraced. ‘The pressure is more exciting to me than not having it because it means people think we’re relevant,’ Del Negro said. ‘I take the pressure as a positive.’ Del Negro rubbed his chin and smiled again after that statement. It had been a long day for Del Negro and his staff. They were putting in extra hours poring over video, analyzing players, making suggestions for the upcoming season. He knows he will be on the proverbial coaching hot seat and that many will critique his every move with a team that has All-Stars Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups, Blake Griffin, Caron Butler and Mo Williams.”