Vinny Del Negro Wishes Lamar Odom Wasn’t Out of Shape

by October 18, 2012

It’s no secret that Lamar Odom showed up in Clipper-land looking like he had eaten a few too many meals over the summer. Head coach Vinny Del Negro admits that the veteran forward needs to get himself in shape. Per the LA Times: “For Odom, weight and poor conditioning are issues. Del Negro said Odom’s knees are bothering him and that playing the 6-10 forward against the Jazz probably would have set him back. ‘He’s got to work through some conditioning things and some health things right now, which he’s doing,’ Del Negro said. ‘Yeah, I wish he was in a little bit better conditioning, and he wishes he was. But he’s just got to continue to work every day and I’m sure he’ll get there eventually.'”