Warren Sapp: LeBron James Would Get Destroyed in the NFL

by November 18, 2011

Due to the sheer boredom caused by the ongoing NBA lockout, there’s been chatter about how LeBron James would fare in the NFL. According to former defensive star Warren Sapp, it wouldn’t be a very pretty sight for LBJ. Per USA Today: “He’s a tremendous athlete, probably the best physical specimen you’ll see in sports,’ former NBA star Jalen Rose said of King James while serving as a guest panelist on NFL Network’s No Huddle on Wednesday night. ‘The one thing about football — you can go up for the football — I don’t think his feet’ll hit the ground on the way down because they will take him out. I think that game is too physical, I think it’s too demanding, I think that it’s hard to block defensive ends — it’s more to that job of being a tight end than just running routes.’ Fellow analyst Warren Sapp said James would also be a marked man in the NFL. ‘How about LeBron do one-sixth of what (Michael) Jordan did, let’s see him go win a championship,’ Sapp said. ‘Go do that. Go see if you can conquer your sport before you come over here because them boys on defense, we like pretty boys like that. We want to split them.'”